Agriturismo L' Unicorno | Gardasee Urlaub






Locanda della Chiocciola

L’uomo è cio’ che mangia

P.T. Paracelsus


You will find our restaurant in the finely frescoed vaulted rooms on the ground floor, which face on to the portico of the green internal court yard. Embraced by a warm atmosphere you can savour the local cuisine, cooked in an innovative style with products fresh from our garden and our fine aromatic herbs dressed with the finest extra virgin olive oil produced by the pressing of our local olives.






Caffè Novecento

 Caffè balsamo del cuore e dello spirito

G. Verdi


Adjacent to the entrance is the “Caffe 900” room. Thanks to its distinctive “Liberty” atmosphere guests can re-experience that extravagant period of the early 20th century projected towards great change.
Here, you can sip a cool aperitif of the house or savour our strong and fragrant espresso coffee which reflects the most genuine Italian tradition. Why not treat yourself to a small glass of our fragrant single vine Grappa distilled from the marc of Groppello grapes?







The wine cellar

Il Vino allieta il cuore con la gioia madre di tutte le virtù

J.W. Goethe


The cool 16th century cellar, featuring a barrel vaulted ceiling and stone walls, exudes the fragrances of fermenting must.
Here you can savour our wines which are lovingly produced with care and dedication: extracted from “Groppello” grapes, the most important vine of the Brescia area of Lake Garda, whose name originates from the special shape of its narrow and compact grape bunch like a “Groppo”, which means knot in the local dialect.
We suggest accompanying the wine with an appetising selection of cold cuts and cheeses from our green Alpine Valleys of Valcamonica, Valtrompia, Valsabbia and the highlands of the Brescia area of Lake Garda.